100,000 visitors expected at the agricultural equipment fair in Barcelonne-du-Gers

The 43rd edition of the Fair for used agricultural equipment begins this Friday and 100,000 visitors are expected until Sunday evening.If the first machines on display only arrived this week, it has been a long time since Young Farmers, Association volunteers and local elected officials wet the shirt to make the fair a success and deal with all the vagaries of attendance, the first of which is linked to the weather.

As for the sixty organizers, the secretary Corinne Quaglini has, since October, registered the registration of more than 100 dealers of agricultural equipment that she knows well, because 95% are back year after year.200 private sellers and over a hundred used car sellers.

An unexpected problem

The biggest thing is to channel the 500 hawkers, including 30% new ones: delimiting the pitches is relatively simple, enforcing them requires a lot of persuasion.The president of the fair, Mathieu Plouvier, will have had this year to settle a unexpected problem: the closure of the two Barcelona restaurants, which will lead to a shortage of premises where professionals could have lunch in the dry and warm; Several thousand meals were thus served.The village hall will therefore be reconverted, from Friday to Sunday noon, in a restaurant.

The moral contract signed over the years with the municipality of Barcelonne limits the setting up of fairground vendors selling drinks and sandwiches for the benefit of stands maintained by Barcelona associations: basketball under a marquee, in front of the firefighters, the caterers of the village butcher's shop and the Farmer's market opted for sit-down meals.The Festival and Bourdalat Committee, gymnastics, the Cycling Club, the Tranquillots and Secours Catholique opted for pastries, pancakes, hot and cold drinks and grills.

Posted Date: 2020-07-10

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