Let me tell you about something new and exciting on the horizon. In a couple of weeks (or less) Casa Tehuana is opening at 806 Old Santa Fe Trail, in the iconic building right where Old Santa Trail and Old Pecos Trail converge. If you can’t quite place 806, imagine walking out of Cliff’s Liquors, look to your right, and there it is. Deb Trumpy is moving her import business (formerly A Mano Port A Imports) from Port Aransas, Texas, to Santa Fe. Sugarpops, I think you’ll be pleased with her vast array of textiles from Mexico and her handpainted Otomi talavera tile. There’s much, much more, but I’ll stop here, so you can drop in and add to the story for yourself when Casa Tehuana opens.

The reason I found out about Deb and her new shop is that I recently ran into Jesica Beken (Sotheby’s International Realty) and she was wearing a particularly beautiful embroidered white shirt (a Huipil) that I wanted on the spot. But she wouldn’t let me have it. If I waited a couple of weeks, Jesica said, I could buy my own at a new shop her friend was opening. (I guess waiting will save me from jail time, Pumpkins.) Jesica, who works with Caroline Russell at Sotheby’s, moved here almost two years ago from Rockport, Texas, where she had been a Realtor since 2004. Her dad (a rancher in NM since the ‘70s) and mom live in Santa Fe, so when an opportunity presented itself to move here, Jesica jumped on it. Jelly Beans, women who are smart and decisive like that make smart and decisive Realtors. Now her friend, Deb, also from the Texas coast, is moving here, as well. Birds of a feather.

Speaking of which, I just learned about Birds of a Feather, the LGBT community near the village of Pecos. It’s only been there for more than 15 years, and I’m embarrassed to say I’d never heard of it until I talked with Belinda Young (Realty One). It just goes to show you, Cupckaes, that after living here for more than 40 years, there are still places to discover. Belinda, who simultaneously moved her real-estate license to Realty One and bought a snappy little black VW convertible a month ago, was on her way to BOAF to list a stunning property with stunning views for $875,000. BOAF is a “green” community, so I’m positive the house is energy-efficient. Belinda was a social worker with Woman, Inc. in San Francisco before seguing into real estate about 11 years ago. Interestingly enough, I have found that social workers, nurses, and retired firemen make excellent Realtors. This, of course, requires a little more study before I can explain exactly why. Don’t worry, though, Kittens, I’ll have a definitive answer within a decade.

Dearest Readers, as you finish this article, please spend a quiet moment thanking Moo Thorpe (01/17/1957-06/09/2018) for the unparalleled contributions she made to our real-estate community, and the Santa Fe community at large, during her much too brief lifetime. Her life was full of grace, generosity, kindness, integrity, and a certain enlightenment that few people achieve. All of us who knew her in real estate will long remember the high standards to which she adhered in every transaction. Chris Haynes, her Sotheby’s real estate partner and good friend for 30 years, will be a little lost without her. I’m sure that Marc Talbert, her husband and best friend of 36 years, will be that and more. Their daughters, Molly and Jessie, will reflect the values passed on to them by her. May she rest peacefully in her new adventure, after her arduous journey over the last six years.

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